13 January 2015

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer #2 Breakdown | 51 Still Images From the New Trailer

Tonight we got a brand new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron (watch it here). As the world goes through it with a fine tooth comb, here are 51 stills to help you with your analyzation (Click to enlarge).
. Hawkeye leads civilians to safety

Civilian Transport

Captain America's helmet

Captain America suited up complete with Avengers patch.
Tony Stark enters unknown lab

Broken Ultron

Ultron is alive

Bruce Banner calls Ultron by name as he looks at Tony Stark.

Ultron bots break through the wall at Avengers Tower.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look worried.

Bruce Banner fighting off the Hulk.

Nick Fury appears.

Unknown person in mysterious cave.

Tony Stark looking very concerned.

"You have meddled with something you don't understand."

Iron Man blasted into door.

What looks to be a young Black Widow.

Black Widow being held down on a gurney.

Surgical tools

The chase is on.

Ultron bot up-close


Ultron bot invasion

Iron Man lands

Hulk kicks a police car.

Black Widow is ready.

The Klaw

A jet takes off through the city(Wakanda possibly?).

Captain America choked by Ultron bot

Hulk and Widow

Beauty meets Beast

Close-up of Ultron

Ultron fires a blast

Thor gets hit with lightning and shoots it back.

Thor chokes Tony Stark

Hulkbuster Armor

Batters up

Avengers in battle

"Oh boy"

Hulk mad

Iron Man grabs Hulk by the face and drags him through the street.

Oh $#!&

Hulkbuster blasts the Hulk

One last look at Ultron

Video version


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