27 January 2015

FANTASTIC FOUR Teaser Trailer Breakdown | 51 Images From the Trailer

After a long time of being left in the dark about the Fantastic Four reboot, the teaser trailer finally debuted this morning (WATCH IT HERE). Let's take a closer look at this short teaser. (Video version of breakdown at the bottom on the page)

A view of the city.
Another location in the mountains.

"GRIMM Salvage"

Young Reed Richards and Ben Grimm working on an experiment.

Prototypes of the chambers that transport them into the "Negative Zone"(explained later).


(Most likely) Reed explaining to government officials the need to go to the "Negative Zone" and how they plan to do it. Schematics can be seen on the screen.

Miles Teller, as Reed Richards, seeing the lab for the first time.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm. There's an IP address on screen, It leads to a page about LATVERIA, fictional country ruled by Doom.

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm.

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm.

In this version of the story, the Fantastic Four get their powers from an accident that happens after they travel to the "Negative Zone" or "N-Zone". The "Negative Zone" is an "alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways". This is the machine they use to teleport them to that dimension.

Dr. Franklin Storm father to Johnny Storm and Sue Storm (who is adopted in this version)

The suits have arrived.

The experiment goes terribly wrong.

Military aircraft.

Reed Richards in his costume.

The Thing is born.

A random military compound.

Sue holding Johnny with a look of concern on her face.

Flame on! (Notice the tubes running down the arms of his suit. Possibly to supply him with flammable accelerant.)

An energy explosion in the city.

The team inside of the "Negative Zone"

Doom takes out some guards.

Johnny Storm in his suit.

Sue and Johnny showing off their powers.

Mr. Fantastic stretching for what could be the first time.

Official Fantastic Four movie logo. "Fant 4 Stic?"

Doom giving Mr. Fantastic a warning about the future.

The Fantastic Four team line-up.

Someone couldn't get The Thing a pair of pants?


  1. They're changing a lot of the story, but it's a fresh take. . I guess when you need to restart a franchise anything goes.