02 February 2015

Roster of TNT's Live Action Teen Titans Show "THE TITANS" Leaked

According to a report from The Nerdist, the leaked script for the pilot of TNT’s upcoming The Titans series has revealed the initial team roster. 

Dick Grayson will be the leader of the team. He’s working as a private detective in Boston after splitting with Batman. Events there cause him to put on the costume once again. He will begin as Robin with the idea that he will grow into the Nightwing name.

Helping him is Barbara Gordon. Even though she was never a member of any incarnation of the Teen Titans in the comics, she did have a  romantic relationship with Dick Grayson. In this version, she was formally Batgirl, but now is in a wheelchair. She’s the team’s resident computer hacker, reflecting the character’s time as Oracle in the comics.

The team is rounded out with Raven, Starfire, Hawk and Dove.

The version of Hawk and Dove are the Hank Hall and Dawn Granger version. The two are said to be romantically tied.

Reportedly Raven will be the Rachel Roth version introduced by Geoff Johns in the early 2000s.

Raven and Starfire only appear at the end of the pilot script but will be major characters as the series progresses.

No mention of Beast Boy or Cyborg was made in the script of the pilot. With Cyborg being on the big screen as early as Batman V Superman, its unlikely he will join "The Titans".


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