13 April 2015

ANT-MAN Trailer #1 Breakdown | 39 Still Images From the New Trailer

Marvel has released the first official trailer for ANT-MAN (watch it here). As we like to do when new trailers come out, we got out our magnifying glass and analyzed it for an ant-sized edition of trailer breakdown.

This is the main villain of the film, Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll).

Darren Cross addressing a crowd at Pym Technologies. He is proposing his idea of the "ultimate secret weapon" "a soldier the size of an insect". Hank Pym is looking on.

A look at Pym Technologies from the outside.

Ants engulf the screen in this Ant-man specific Marvel logo.

Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) sitting in a surveillance room. A lot of the technology looks dated so its probably from years ago when Hank Pym was the Ant-man.

Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) is different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes we have already seen. He begins he journey as a criminal and thief, but is given a second chance by Hank Pym to become something greater.

Hank Pym shows Scott Lang his secret Ant-man Lair for the first time.

The Ant-man suit waiting for a new hero to don it.

The suit has a dial on the belt, could have some options or it could just be the On switch.

The trigger to make the suit shrink is built into the glove.

Scott learns he can control the ants mentally. He gets them to pick up and spin the penny in this scene.

Ant-man enters an ant colony and makes some new friends.

Ant-man running with thousands of ants through the colony.

Really cool shot of Ant-man shrinking down and entering a room through a bullet hole.

Another amazing shot of Ant-man dodging a bullet and running along the barrel of the gun.

Hope Van Dyne (played by Evangeline Lilly) training Scott on the basics of throwing a punch and then punching him in the face.

Ant-man bungee jumping down a pipe.

A room full of yellow liquid that looks like the stuff powering Yellowjacket's suit.

Yellowjacket's suit shrunk down.

Darren Cross in the Yellowjacket suit.

The arms on the back of the Yellowjacket suit can shoot high powered lasers.

Ant-man and Yellowjacket face off and have a mini-sized fight.

The trailer closes out with Ant-man and Yellowjacket fighting on toy table in a child's room. Since the room looks like it belongs to a little girl, I assume it belongs to Scott Lang's daughter. I would guess that Yellowjacket goes after Ant-man's daughter and that's how we arrive here.

Yellowjacket in fear of being hit by our old friend Thomas the Tank Engine, but it harmlessly hits him and falls off of the track.

Ant-man lifting and throwing a car from the toy train.

Yellowjacket blasting a toy car with his lasers.


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