20 April 2015

FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer #1 Breakdown | 47 Images From the New Trailer

It has been a very busy week for trailer breakdowns (See ANT-MAN and BATMAN V SUPERMAN), but like any good hero we are back to save the day with another one. Since this is the second Fantastic Four breakdown, we will only be going over new footage. For previously shown scenes, check out our breakdown of the teaser trailer.

Dr. Franklin Storm, father to Johnny Storm and Sue Storm, talking to a board of directors. They have been funding his research for a while but have not obtained results. He tells them things have changed now that he has Reed Richards on his team.

An outside look at the Baxter building. In the Ultimate Marvel comic universe (which this movie is more based on than the traditional Fantastic Four), the Baxter Building is a US government think tank, where exceptionally gifted children are offered government positions to use their intelligence to serve their country.

Miles Teller as Reed Richards looking up at the Baxter building.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm. She has been adopted by the Storm family in this version.

Reed Richards meeting Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm for the first time.

The Storm family talking to Victor Domashev (Doom) played by Toby Kebbell; establishing Johnny as the loose cannon.

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm hitting baseballs at the GRIMM Salvage sign.

In this telling of the story, the Fantastic Four get their powers from an accident that happens after they travel to the "Negative Zone" or "N-Zone". The "Negative Zone" is an "alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways". This is the machine they use to teleport them to that dimension.

Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder, aka The Mole Man (Front).

Johnny goes for a fist bump. Reed tries to give him a high five. Johnny is cool, Reed is not is what they are trying to convey in a not so subtle way.

A look at the Negative Zone.

Reed fails to save Victor Domashev (presumably) from falling of a cliff inside of the Negative Zone.

Human torched. Johnny is trapped inside the tube during a fiery explosion.

Franklin Storm demanding to know where his kids are. Reed, Johnny, Ben, and Sue have all been recovered from the Negative Zone. Victor has not. The four have been brought to a facility where tests are being run on them.

Reed shown having test ran on him and his arm beginning to stretch for the first time.

Johnny exploding into flames as his father looks on.

Franklin Storm again looking on as Sue begins to turn invisible.

The Thing hatching from a rock cocoon.

Up-close look at the Thing's face.

Sue Storm using a force field to push away shipping crates.

In this universe, giant rock creatures apparently don't need to wear pants and rock-ass gets by the censors.

Johnny Storm turning into the Human Torch. You can now see there are controls on the wrist of his containment suit that he pushes to "flame on".

Our first look at Doom. He is definitely different than the Dr. Doom we are used to. He has blue electricity running through his face and I'm sorry but he kind of looks like he's made of plastic.

A couple of shots of Johnny in full Human Torch mode.

Doom in the Negative Zone. Since the narration says only four were recovered, I assume he was trapped inside the Negative Zone for an extended period of time.

Human Torch throws a flamethrower punch but The Invisible Woman blocks it with a force field. I'm not sure why he would be attacking Sue, training maybe, but I'm pretty sure it's her.

Our first look at Mr. Fantastic's powers in action.

"It's clobbering time." Do you think we will actually hear the classic line or do you this movie is taking itself too seriously for catch phrases?

The Thing dive-bombs a military vehicle from a jet. I'm not exactly sure how a man made of rock hitting the ground causes an explosion. Maybe he has exploding rock powers. *shrugs*

Sue wearing an outfit that looks a lot more like the traditional Fantastic Four costumes.


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