27 August 2015

Leaked Promo Art Supposedly Reveals Teams For CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (Not Confirmed)

The guys over at Comicbookmovie.com received an "anonymous e-mail" containing promo art for Captain America: Civil War. The art supposedly reveal the line-ups for both Captain America's and Iron Man's teams.

13 August 2015

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S6+ | Specs and Release Date

Samsung unveiled two new flagship smartphones at its "Unpacked" event in London today – the Galaxy S6 Edge+, a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the Galaxy Note 5.

Both phones are currently available for pre-order and will be available for purchase on August 21 in the US.

12 August 2015

05 August 2015