18 January 2016


01:16 - Joe Russo on playing a doctor in Winter Solider.
01:51 - Did they fight over anything while co-directing the movie?
02:59 - On working with Robert Redford; when he cooked for them.
05:00 - Finding their way in the industry with help from Slamdance; Redford is very lo-fi and traditional.
06:37 - Delivering exposition, particularly in the bunker scene and the Zola scene.
10:20 - Working on the action set pieces and making sure they stand out.
12:15 - What they took away from the critical and commercial success of Winter Solider that they brought to Civil War.
15:25 - Will Civil War be a darker movie?
17:15 - How did they react when they found out they were going to get the opportunity to include Spider-Man?
19:05 - The status of Civil War; where are they in the editing process?
20:15 - They’re finishing up the score with Henry Jackman.
20:48 - Have they filmed their Civil War post-credit scene yet?
20:56 - Will there really be 67 characters in Infinity War?
23:01 - Where and when they’re filming those movies.
23:58 - Where are they in the scripting process and who will shoot Infinity War?
24:26 - Any chance we’ll see a Netflix character pop up in the films?
25:03 - The choice to shoot Infinity War with IMAX cameras.
26:10 - Incorporating important character beats within big action sequences.
27:48 - On working with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
30:23 - How they made the connection between Winter Solider and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so seamless.
31:53 - What they know about Doctor Strange.
32:36 - Do they work with the other Phase Three directors?
34:40 - What does “cut the check” mean?
35:28 - Is there a particular character that they’re most excited to incorporate in one of their upcoming movies, especially having been fans of the source material as kids?
37:26 - Do they know when they’ll unveil what Spider-Man looks like in Civil War?
37:59 - On the deal made between Marvel, Disney and Sony to use Spider-Man.
40:36 - How do they manage all the different departments and why Marvel is such a great team to be part of.
43:00 - On getting into the cosmic universe with the upcoming films; bringing a naturalism to the cosmic side.
45:40 - Is there anything about Winter Solider they wish they could change after seeing it again?
46:57 - The Easter egg you might have missed in the cemetery.
49:37 - Would they ever “fix” Fantastic Four if they had the chance?
49:27 - The challenge of dealing with rights issues; passion for the material versus passion for money.
50:37 - On the score of Winter Solider; their collaboration with Henry Jackman.
55:52 - Will they ever do anything with Serpent Society?


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