15 March 2016

CIVIL WAR II | All "Protect The Future. Change The Future." Promo Images

Civil War II is an upcoming Marvel crossover event scheduled to debut in June 2016 with a kick off story in stores on Free Comic Book Day May 7.

The series, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, is a sequel to 2007's Civil War.

In Civil War II opposing factions of superheroes lead by Captain Marvel and Iron Man battle in an allegory about determinism versus free will.

A mysterious new Marvel character comes to the attention of the world, one who has the power to calculate the outcome of future events with a high degree of accuracy. This predictive power divides the Marvel heroes on how best to capitalize on this aggregated information, with Captain Marvel leading the charge to profile future crimes and attacks before they occur, and Iron Man adopting the position that the punishment cannot come before the crime.

Here's a look at all of Marvel's "Protect The Future. Change The Future." promo images.

Black Panther


Jean Grey

Old Man Logan


Ms. Marvel

Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon 





Spider-man (Miles Morales) and Captain America (Sam Wilson)


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