26 December 2016

DC Comics | Weekly Comic Book Release List For 12/28/16

(W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Patrick Zircher
SRP: $2.99

"MEN OF STEEL" part four! Godslayer's origin reveals him to be very different than the Man of Steel imagined! Will even the threat of universal Armageddon be enough to make Superman sacrifice Lex Luthor?

(W) Scott Snyder (A) Declan Shalvey (A/CA) John Romita, Danny Miki
SRP: $4.99

"MY OWN WORST ENEMY" conclusion! Batman, Duke and Two-Face square off in a fight for Harvey Dent's soul. With assassins flooding in from across the countryside, Batman learns that even his most trusted allies might choose evil over good.

(W) Hope Larson (A/CA) Rafael Albuquerque
SRP: $2.99

"RETURN TO BURNSIDE"! On what should be a relaxing flight back home, Babs finds herself and her fellow passengers in mortal peril from...Poison Ivy? Batgirl must get to the bottom of Ivy's attack and save the plane if she ever wants to see home again!


(W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Bernard Chang
SRP: $2.99

Batman wades through the Jokerz gang and finally squares off against Terminal, their would-be ruler. But how much does he have left to take on this deadliest of foes? And finally, the moment his followers have been waiting for-the comatose Joker awakens!


(W) Keith Giffen (A/CA) Scott Kolins
SRP: $2.99

The origin of Blue Beetle begins! Jaime relates the story of how he came to acquire the scarab on his back that grants him his powers and more is revealed about its magical foundation. Meanwhile, Ted Kord is tied up with a new arrival in El Paso-and wait till you see who it is!

(W) Gail Simone (A) Sanya Anwar (CA) Jenny Frison
SRP: $3.99

A young woman devastated by the violent loss of her husband finds comfort in Astrid Mueller's teachings, only to face the woman herself in the most nightmarish reaches of the Clean Room!

(W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Klaus Janson, Frank Miller (A/CA) Andy Kubert
SRP: $5.99

Batman and Superman are back together again-but is their reunion too late?


(W) Christopher Priest (A/CA) Cary Nord
SRP: $2.99

"FOUR DAYS" part one! After Deathstroke's family is shattered, Slade recalls the first time he and Wintergreen worked together-on a mission that changed both of their lives forever. Special guest artist Cary Nord illustrates this game-changing two-part adventure.

(W) James Tynion IV (A) Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez (CA) Jason Fabok
SRP: $2.99

"THE VICTIM SYNDICATE" conclusion! Has the First Victim succeeded in dividing and conquering Batman's team? The final attack will come from someone they'd all put their faith in...


(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Neil Googe (CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico
SRP: $2.99

"DATE NIGHT"! It's holiday season in Central City and Barry Allen goes on a date with a brand new sweetheart. But things never go as planned for The Flash, who finds himself saddled with an unexpected wingman.

(W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Jason Shawn Alexander
SRP: $3.99

Vic has a bounty on her head, and everyone out on the ice is looking to collect. After narrowly escaping the latest attempt on her life, she and Keaton hide away in a remote cabin where the previous inhabitants died of Frostbite. Little do they know, however, that Fuego's thugs are just about to knock on their door.

(W) Jeff Parker (A) Ariel Olivetti (CA) Evan "Doc" Shaner
SRP: $3.99

The time of reckoning is here-Omnikron, the interstellar destroyer, has come to Earth! The Impossibles race to help a barely living Space Ghost, while Mightor and Birdman battle the massive entity-and the scientists who understand it are trapped in the secret base of F.E.A.R. As the heroes face a force beyond anything the world has seen, the kids they left safely behind hatch a bold plan...


(W) Robert Venditti (A/CA) Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona
SRP: $2.99

"BOTTLED LIGHT" part four! The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps form an uneasy alliance as they try to escape Larfleeze's clutches while Hal Jordan begins a new mission to help resurrect the nearly extinct Blue Lanterns.

(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A/CA) Neal Adams
SRP: $4.99

(Mumble-mumble) years ago, the alien race known as the Scrubb forced Superman into a boxing match for the ages, against Earth's greatest heavyweight champion, (mumble-mumble)! Now, (mumble-mumble) years later, the Scrubb have returned...but with said champion unavailable, the Scrubb have chosen the next-best thing: Harley Quinn! This can't end well for anyone involved. Featuring unbelievable art by the legendary Neal Adams, it's a tribute to one of the greatest Superman stories of the 1970s, in Harley Quinn's own particular, ah, idiom!

(W) Simon Oliver (A) Pia Guerra (CA) John Cassaday
SRP: $2.99

"The Poison Truth" part five! John's gotten the djinn off his back, at least for the moment. Now he needs Mercury. As they leave English shores behind, it's time for a heart-to-heart as Mercury tells John what happened to her while Swamp Thing was battling the Rot.

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Mark Morales, Tony S. Daniel (CA) Jason Fabok

The first major event storyline of DC's Rebirth era begins with a day Amanda Waller always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad! This government-sponsored black-ops team of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a deal-breaker for Earth's paragons of truth and justice! But you can bet the Wall and her Task Force X won't go down without the fight to end all fights as this weekly series gets under way!

(W) Jody Houser (A/CA) Tommy Lee Edwards
SRP: $3.99

Mother Panic is on the hunt, which means Violet Paige is out on the town, making a splash among Gotham City's elite. But what role do missing kids play in her thirst for vengeance? And what does her target have to do with the mysterious death of her father?
This issue features a variant cover by Paul Rentler that combines with this month's other variant covers from DC'S Young Animal to form a single image.

(W) Sholly Fisch (A/CA) Dario Brizuela
SRP: $2.99

It's hard enough for Scooby and the gang to crack the mystery of a Dickensian Yuletide ghost...but it's harder with "help" from Mystery, Inc.'s newest member: Harley Quinn!  Harley's decided to try a new career as a ghost-busting detective-and when she swings that giant mallet, nobody's going to tell her "no." But the gang doesn't suspect the real reason for Harley's relocation: She's on the run after a "lover's spat" with The Joker-and Mistah J wants her back!

(W) Garth Ennis (A) Russell Braun (CA) Steve Dillon
SRP: $3.99

The world-maybe even the universe-is in big trouble this time, as a distant star threatens to destroy all we know. Who can save us? Could it be Hawkman? The Flash? The Justice League? Perhaps NASA can stop this catastrophe. Otherwise, we might need to ask Sixpack, Dogwelder and the gang to intervene, and the only legit hero who will even admit to knowing them is Constantine-and he's been kind of a jerk the whole time they've known him.

(W) Art Baltazar, Franco (A/CA) Art Baltazar
SRP: $2.99

Superman has been defeated by Lex Luthor-or so the evil mastermind thinks! Trapped in a Kryptonite fortress under the sea, our hero is fading fast-but he can't be defeated when his friends have his back! And while he is recovering, a new Kryptonian arrives on the scene! Plus, something weird has come to Central City. The Flash might provide some answers...if you can keep up!

(W) Mariko Tamaki (A/CA) Joelle Jones
SRP: $5.99

Flying and crushing coal into diamonds may come easy, but try popping a Kryptonian zit! Caldecott Honor-winning and Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer) teams with Eisner Award-nominated artist Joƫlle Jones (Lady Killer) for a coming-of-age tale like you've never seen before. But while growing pains shake up Kara's world, a deadly earthquake rocks the small town of Midvale beneath her feet! The Girl of Steel has a choice: let her world die, or overcome her adolescent insecurities and be super!

(W) Ben Percy (A) Khoi Pham, Mark Morales (CA) Jonboy Meyers
SRP: $2.99

"DAMIAN KNOWS BEST" part three! After Ra's al Ghul and the Demon land a devastating blow against the Teen Titans, the team is forced to regroup. Facing an enemy that knows them better than they know themselves, what chance does this young team have? And how can they trust Damian after everything he's put them through?

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
SRP: $2.99

"THE RETURN OF WALLY WEST" part six! After making the ultimate sacrifice for his friends, Wally West finds himself lost in the Speed Force with no hope of return! Has Wally's run come to a sudden end? Don't miss the conclusion to this stunning first arc!

(W) Gary Phillips (A) Elena Casagrande (CA) Mitch Gerads
SRP: $3.99

Donny has landed in hot water. Both literally and figuratively. The trail of his girlfriend's killer has led him into a dangerous conspiracy, and the cops now think he's a murderer himself. The only way out is to take a jump in the Pacific Ocean, but the mysterious assassin Spectros is going to make sure that the Southland Vigilante never comes up for air.

(W) Greg Rucka (CA) Liam Sharp
SRP: $2.99

"BETWEEN THE LIES AND THE TRUTH"! Following the conclusion of "The Lies," Steve Trevor must grapple with revelations about not only Wonder Woman, but himself as well!

Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks

52 TP VOL 02
(W) Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid (A) Joe Bennett, Chris Batista, Eddy 

Barrows, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Keith Giffen, Tom Derenick, Jamal Igle, Phil Jimenez, Drew Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Justiniano, Mike McKone, Shawn Moll, Pat Olliffe, Joe Prado, Darick Robertson, Andy Smith, Belardino Brabo, Mariah Benes, Keith Champagne, Nelson DeCastro, Drew Geraci, Dan Green, Jack Jadson, Ruy Jose, Andy Lanning, Jay Leisten, Dave Meikis, Norm Rapmund, Rodney Ramos, Prentis Rollins, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Ray Snyder, Walden Wong (CA) J. G. Jones
The story of the DC Universe's most eventful year concludes in this final action-packed volume in the series featuring an epic war between the planet's super-powered beings. Discover the final fates of the stars of the series 52 #27-52!

(W) Chuck Dixon (A) Butch Guice, Dick Giordano, Patrick Zircher, Drew Geraci, Jordi Ensign, Jos? Marzan (CA) Brian Stelfreeze (A/CA) Greg Land

In these stories from BIRDS OF PREY #12-21 and NIGHTWING #45-46, Black Canary and Catwoman accidentally catch a boom tube to Apokolips, where they must outwit Lashina and face the wrath of Darkseid! Plus, the Birds capture The Joker, face off with Blockbuster's crew and make a deal with Gorilla Grodd!  

(W) Gail Simone (A) Jon Davis-Hunt (CA) Jenny Frison
SRP: $14.99

In these tales from issues #7-12, shocking news comes from on high concerning the seemingly indestructible Astrid Mueller...and Chloe meets with Detective Avil Demakos as they dig deeper into the deadly mysteries of the Clean Room. Plus, delve into the depths of Astrid's terrifying personal history, and why demons have haunted her since birth.

(W) Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg, Kurt Busiek, Bob Harras (A) Chris Batista, Tom Derenick, Ron Garney, Dan Green (CA) Rags Morales (A/CA) Mark Farmer
SRP: $29.99

In the wake of IDENTITY CRISIS, the JLA decides the time has come to tell Batman that they stole part of his memory. But the League is attacked by the Secret Society of Super-Villains-out for vengeance now that their own memories are restored. As the JLA battles, the Martian Manhunter confronts Despero-and by the time the dust settles, the JLA may have won the battle but they've lost the war! Don't miss these stories from JLA #107-125 and JLA SECRET FILES 2004 #1, including stories cowritten by Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg!

(W) Aaron Lopresti (A) Jonathan Glapion, John Livesay (A/CA) Aaron Lopresti, Matt Batt Banning
SRP: $14.99

Metamorpho returns to the DC Universe! Now, the Element Man finds himself a prisoner of millionaire industrialist Simon Stagg-and the only person who can save him is Stagg's beautiful daughter, Sapphire! But can he trust her? Collects the Metamorpho stories from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #1-6.

(W) Matt Wagner, Steven T. Seagle (A) Guy Davis, Vince Locke, David Lloyd, John Bolton, Stefano Gaudiano, George Pratt, Alex Ross, Peter Snejbjerg, Dean Ormston (CA) Gavin Wilson
SRP: $29.99

Don't miss these epics from SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE #13-24 and ANNUAL #1! In "The Vamp," Wesley Dodds dreams of grisly murders as young socialites are found drained of blood. Then, in "The Scorpion," a whip-wielding madman has targeted the Sandman. And in "Dr. Death," the elderly in Manhattan are dying under mysterious circumstances, and it's up to the Sandman to stop the murderer!

(W) Gail Simone (A) Tom Derenick (A/CA) Dale Eaglesham
SRP: $16.99

Join Catman, Scandal, Deadshot, Ragdoll and the rest as they hit the road on the run from some of the world's most dangerous killers. A contract has been put out on the lives of the Six, but the team has some tricks up their sleeves-and a whole lot of bullets. Then, with Batman's cowl up for grabs, two of the six think they should be the new Dark Knight. And a mission on Devil's Island draws the attention of Wonder Woman! Collects SECRET SIX #7-14.  


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